P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Snippet Time! A Little Something to Tempt Your Reading Buds!

Time for a tempting snippet - a little something to get the old reading buds going.

Abbaddon Rising. 

Summary:  Joss is one of a thousand women abducted by the Chiagan-Se as brides for a dying race. The males thought they'd come willingly, the women believed they'd been kidnapped and when the two sides meet, sparks fly.

Abaddon Rising is Book 3 in the Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series. Joss is captured, enslaved and forced to fight in the alien gladiator ring...and then came Kanaan!


Yells and curses rent the air! Whips cracked overhead as the slave handlers rounded up their charges and herded them towards the conscripts’ quarters.
            Joss ducked in time to avoid a direct hit from a serpentine strap before standing up. One of these days she silently vowed. I really hate those frickin’ whips! Physically drained and mentally brain-dead, she found a place in the straggling line and followed the exhausted slaves towards the dormitory. This rotation had been a singularly grueling one and she ached in every bone and muscle. Two more rotations and we’ll leave this shithole! And then what? If I win, I’m back here and if I lose…
            The whole depressing scenario left her downhearted and hopeless. Only thing I can hope for is that Master Luidoc loses and I’m bought by a Master who’ll set me free! Fat chance that! The Destroyer will never be defeated in the ring and if I survive, I’m right back here! Big f’ing deal!
            Without conscious thought, she kicked out, landing a solid blow on the lower leg of the slave ahead. The shaggy red head whipped around.
            Watch ass, female,” the creature snarled from thin blue lips.
She stepped back, startled. The left portion of his face was a mass of burn scars, twisting the blue lips into a perpetual one-sided smile.
The yellow-green eyes snapped with anger. “Or I kills you next time!”
            “Oh yeah,” she snapped back. “You and who else?”
            Euo, she recalled. One of those conscripts slated for the mass battle. From her experience in the sparring bouts, his skills were modest at best and he’d be one of the first to fall. A brief surge of sympathy gave her a moment’s pause. Have I become so callous to the suffering of others? Edie would be so ashamed of me!
            “I’m…I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Just tired!”
            The shaggy red head dipped in an acknowledging nod. “Bad place here.” He spit into the dust. “Deg’Nara bad. All bad,” he hissed under his breath.

P.L. Parker

Saturday, June 16, 2018

We Have a Winner - Riley's Journey Trilogy

And the winner of the Riley's Journey Trilogy is - Teri Soh.  I will be contacting her today to let her know.  Thanks to all who entered and keep me in touch for my next giveaway.

P.L. Parker

Monday, June 11, 2018

Love Romance Reads - Win E-copy of Abaddon Rising

June 12 - I'm one of the authors in the giveaway at Love Romance Reads.  I'll be giving away an e-copy of Abaddon Rising, but that might not be all.  Enter to win my giveaway, but also check out all the other wonderful giveaways currently being

Excerpt for Abaddon Rising:  

Kanaan perched on a high ledge watching the drama below. The female crouched against the slave gate glaring at the horde of leering male slaves as they crept forward. She wouldn’t last the night. None of the females did in here. She’d be torn limb from limb but not before she was forced to endure the bestial attentions of the dominant members of the pens. Too bad really! He admired the female. She was feisty, skilled, a born killer, but a female all the same.
He found it odd that her handler put her in here. She’d proven herself with every match, winning each round and advancing up the ladder. Usually an asset was treated with a little more respect, especially a female no less who’d won every bout. The crowds seemed to side with her during combat and he knew for a fact she’d made Master Luidoc’s pockets a little heavier. Didn’t make any sense that she’d be thrown in here!
 He scrubbed a hand across his jaw considering. The female interested him for more than just her fighting skills. She was different, her species unknown to him. In many ways she reminded him of the Arkogian females. The body type was similar and they were known for jutting mammary glands but her delicate build and graceful movements decried that lineage. Arkogians were block-shaped and coarse, even more so than Deg’Nara females. Perhaps she’s a hybrid! Lot of us around these days, he admitted ruefully.
 She’d drawn his attention from the first time he’d seen her fight in the pits. Slender and elegant, she looked more dancer than warrior. She was controlled, seeming bored even but that façade swiftly melted away when her opponent entered the ring. The only time he witnessed her control slip was when the female, Anashe he remembered, fell. 
A few more paces and the mob would be on her and then it would be over. He drew a deep breath and exhaled. He stood up, gauging the distance to the ground and then dropped landing in front of the female.
   He was within inches of the frontrunners of the mob, so close he could taste their reek. He spat, clearing his mouth of the vile aroma.
“Back off,” he growled, snapping his teeth. “Or it’ll be the last step you’ll ever take!”

Buy Link:  https://www.amazon.com/Abaddon-Rising-DegNara-Book-2-ebook/dp/B07BFHH983/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1528730736&sr=1-1&keywords=abaddon+rising+by+p.l.+parker

P.L. Parker

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Still Time! Enter to Win E-copies of Riley's Journey Trilogy!

Still time to enter to win e-copies of my Riley's Journey Trilogy - Riley's Journey, Into the Savage Dawn and Beyond Tomorrow.  Just e-mail me at plparker92@yahoo.com and in the subject line post "I want to win!"  

If you like time travel romances, ancient history, mammoths, Neanderthals, saber-toothed cats, etc., you will love this series. 

P.L. Parker

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Extravaganza - Win E-copies of the Riley's Journey Trilogy

Like cavemen, saber-toothed cats, mammoths?  You might like the Riley's Journey Trilogy - Riley's Journey, Into the Savage Dawn and Beyond Tomorrow.   

The research project was only for an "extended period." No one said anything about forever! Deceived and betrayed, Riley is sent back 40,000 years to be the mate of a man she’d never before met. Her journey will take her into a world fraught with dangers—a world made more treacherous by savage beasts, primitive Neanderthals, and the incursion of the aggressive Cro-Magnon man.   

Sent back 40,000 years to the ends of the last great Ice Age, the time travelers embark on a journey of survival and discovery. The brutal and cannibalistic Cro-Magnons discover the small band and attack. Forced to flee from their high mountain encampment, the tribe heads into the dawn, towards the Pacific Ocean and their dream of ultimately reaching North America. Geena and Micah are left behind to lead the Cros away from the escaping tribe. When he is killed, she finds herself terribly alone. Severely injured and without hope or resources, she nonetheless is determined to survive and find the people. Survival of the fittest - that is the law of primordial earth.

The vicious and predatory Cros are amassing in ever growing numbers in the foothills above the travelers’ temporary encampment. Facing inevitable attack, the tribe hastens to prepare for the last leg of their journey—the perilous voyage across the Bering Strait to the shores of the Americas. But time is in short supply.
Kidnapped by a band of marauding Cros, Rachel’s fate as a slave is preordained. Females are few, the tribeswomen the ultimate prize and better off dead the reality. But fate is capricious and unsettled. When the savage warrior, Hawk, overpowers her captors and takes her for his own, Rachel’s destiny takes a new direction. 

 Contact me at plparker92@yahoo.com with "I want to win" in the subject line and you'll be entered to win. Contest ends June 15, 2018.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Alien Abduction and the Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series (The Chalice, Breeder Slave and Abaddon Rising)

Alien abduction is a concept that stimulates the imagination. Like being abducted by highland warriors, the idea of being abducted by a handsome alien has its romantic merit.  (We are, of course, talking about the handsome alien, not the lizard-skinned, gargoyle looking specimen.)

For example, in the 1967 movie, Mars Needs
Women, starring Tommy Kirk (one of my youthful heart throbs), aliens search human females fertile enough to repopulate their dying world.  A campy and fun movie at the time.

I've long been a science fiction fan.  If a new sci-fi movie comes out, you can almost be assured I'd be there!  Not too surprising that I'd delve into science fiction romance at some time.  My first stories were time travel, then some paranormal and now I seem to be caught in the sci-fi mode, ergo, The Chalice, Breeder Slave, Abaddon Rising and Will o' the Wisp.  

I've taken the concept of alien abduction as my the basis for my Star Brides (Deg'Nara) series, The Chalice is the beginning of the abduction of 1,000 human females as brides for a dying race, Breeder Slave is the story of Leah and Moira who are captured by the bad guys and left to die on a barren planet and, my latest, Abaddon Rising. Joss is captured, enslaved and forced to fight in the alien gladiator games.  

If you enjoy science fiction romance as much as I do, I hope you will enjoy these.



Friday, May 18, 2018

Stepping Into Audio Books

I've yet to have one of my books made into audio, but...Aimee's Locket, published by the Wild Rose Press, is being made into an audio book.  So excited and looking forward to the finished product.  Originally, the narrator was a woman but some family issues occurred and she had to back out.  Now, the narrator is a man. He has a wonderful, western sounding voice, deep and interesting and I think he will do well for my book, simply because Aimee's Locket is a time travel novel, set in 1847, on the Oregon Trail.  For a glimpse at Aimee's Locket, check out the trailer on youtube. If you like cowboys, Indians, and Oregon Trail stories, I think you'll like this one!


Hope you add Aimee's Locket to your audio book library when it is available!

P.L. Parker