P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday - and it's a snippet from WIP

My latest is a sequel to The Chalice.  I've titled it The Breeder Prince.  Here's a snippet to catch your interest.


Run!” Leah hissed. She darted into the scrub, weaving through the wispy plants and scattered rocks dotting the barren landscape. Her peripheral vision caught movement as more bodies raced for cover.
Run Moira,” she screeched. Her breath came in short pants. The cloying heat and thin atmosphere made breathing almost unbearable. Salt stung her eyes as sweat streamed from her hairline. She stumbled and fell, but rolled to her feet and kept running.
“I cannae keep up,” Moira wailed, her Irish brogue made more prominent by terror. “I cannae run as fast as you!”
            Leah glanced over her shoulder. The little redhead was trying but the shorter legs couldn’t match her longer strides. She was falling behind…becoming more of a target.
            A pulse beam shattered a boulder nearby spraying splinters of rock in all directions. She ducked, crying out as stinging shards sliced her face and ripped holes in her clothing. Behind her, Moira screamed in pain.
            “Move your ass damn it!” She careened around a large boulder and dropped, crouching against the solid rock wall as she sucked in great gulps of air. More pulse beams rent the air followed by more screaming.
Moira lurched around the stone outcropping and tripped, landing face down in the hot sandy soil. “I cannae run any further,” she moaned, coughing up dust. She pushed to her knees, swiping at the clear liquid dripping from her nose. “Where’re the others?” she hiccupped.
“Probably dead like we’re going to be if we don’t find cover.” Leah craned her neck, trying to see around the rock. “Where the frick are they?”

“I saw Sharon.” Moira burst into fresh wailing. “They shot her down like a dog as she ran from the ship.”


Monday, March 28, 2016

Featured Book at New Concepts - The Chalice

Stop by New Concepts Publishing and check out the March Madness Featured Books.  My novel, The Chalice, is featured.  The Chalice was a past recipient of the CTRR Award from Coffee Time Romance.  1,000 virgin males, 1,000 kidnapped females, and when the two meet, the battle begins.  Here's the link:


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Memoirs - Beep Beep

I was truly one of the lucky ones who was blessed with a wonderful childhood.  I was always a brave child, loved to be outdoors riding my bike rather than stuck inside watching TV, but sometimes...

Saturday morning, the TV would be blaring.  My brother would have Saturday morning cartoons on long before anyone else was awake.  This was the kid who had to be thrown out of his bed on any other day of the week but not Saturday.  I woke every morning to the sound of "La La La, lala la. la la la, lala la..." But then, who could resist The Roadrunner in his neverending battle with Wile E Coyote or love-starved Pepe Le Pew's quest for amour to the disgust of the black cat.

And then the American viewing audience was thrilled with the first prime time cartoon The Flintstones, followed shortly by the Jetsons. 

And then one of my all time favorites - Johnny Bravo came into being.  My favorite line from one of his episodes was when the mad scientist has Johnny hospitalized for removal of his brain and Johnny said,  "Wait a minute! Don't I need that?"

We been through a gamut of cartoon characters, my sons the superheroes, the Disney princesses with my granddaughter and I've enjoyed most of them but in this point of my life,  I have to admit, I'm somewhat taken by the Minions.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

And Now for a Little Opera

My youngest son Zach is budding opera star, where that
comes from I'll never know.  Currently, he is working on his master's at the University of Washington and had a major part in the opera Calisto this January.  He also is heavily involved in his and his partner's company, Opera Elect.  Anyway, proud momma has to shout it out at times.  The link is to one of my favorites that he has recorded - Widmung. Check it out.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year - May 2016 Be the Best!

Happy New Year to all.  My wish is for each of you to have the best year ever! Remember to hug your loved ones as many times as you can.

P. L. Parker

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Step Into the Stars and Awake 200 Years in the Future - The Chalice

What would you do if you awoke 200 years in the future, kidnapped by an alien race and slave to an alien lord?  Find out - The Chalice - winner of the Coffee Time CTRR Award:


Goth Girl screeched and fell back, landing with a dull thump on the floor.  A sizzling hole the size of a grapefruit vented her lower torso.  She gasped, convulsed and then went limp, sightless eyes stared at the ceiling.
Oh my God!”
Dread jerked back just in time to avoid a direct hit.  The black locks sheared from the side of her head leaving tiny tendrils of smoke spiraling up.
You sonofabitch!” she screamed, starting out the door.  “I’ll kill you!”
Shagal crashed through, barreling into Dread as they dropped in a writhing heap of arms and legs. 
Nose to nose, he snarled, “Are you crazy female?”
“He shot my hair,” she screeched, eyes flaring.  “I’m gonna kill ‘im.” 
Kara rushed to the doorway and took up Dread’s position, firing a haphazard spread of glowing bursts.  Her peripheral vision caught sight of Mordaq’s silvery white braids flying out as he spun, plowing through the line of Deg’Nara.  He tossed the plasma gun aside, whipping out the formidable Tar.  The weapon slashed and diced.  Alien soldiers crumpled.  The huge Warrior was holding his own—and then some!
Shagal scrambled up, grabbed Goth Girl’s weapon and leapt out the door, both hands firing as he charged into the chaos.  Biker Chick glanced their way, shrugged in resigned acceptance, and then jumped, following him into the fracas.
“You dumbasses!” Dread screamed an anguished wail of unrestrained terror.  “You’re gonna get killed out there!”
“We’re going to get killed in here,” Anne snuffled against her sleeve.  She reached over and gently slipped the dead girl’s eyelids down.  “We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving this.”
“Says you,” Kara muttered, snapping off another round.  “I plan on getting naked with Tegan and doing the nasty again.”
Dread’s head whipped, her mouth dropped open, dark eyes rounding.  “You screwed Lord Tegan?”
Another burst of pulsing light.  “Yep and I’m gonna do it again as soon as I get a chance, so shut up and shoot the bad guys.”
“Like I said,” Anne hissed.  “We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.”  She pointed.  “Look over there.”
A vehicle emerged from the Deg’Nara ship.  Heavily armored, squat and ugly, its outward appearance comparable to an armored tank.  The upper portion lifted, swiveled, and then retracted, a barrel-like object coming to rest directly in line with their position.  The machine rumbled forward on clanking metallic treads. 
Kara’s lips quivered, her teeth chattered.  They couldn’t fight that frickin’ thing!
A flash of light hit the edge of the door nearby showering sparks, the brilliant array blinding her for a few long moments.  She blinked, attempting to clear the white spots clogging her vision. 
I’m going to die and I’ll never see Tegan again!
Self-pitying tears flooded her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.

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