P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Abaddon Rising Available for Pre-Order - So very exciting!

Abaddon Rising, the third in my Star Brides Series, is now available for pre-order from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.  The Chalice and Breeder Slave are now available at reduced prices.  If you like scifi romances, this might be the series for you!  Get your copies today! 

One of a million statistics in the intergalactic war, Jocelyn St. Germaine is captured, sold as a slave and then forced to fight in the Deg’Nara gladiator games.  She’s slated to lose when Kanaan, the most feared warrior of all, claims her as his own.
With his help, Joss’s chances of survival increase, but is it enough?

Kanaan filled his lungs and roared, head thrown back as he issued the challenge. “She belongs to me! I claim her!”
From behind him, he caught the female’s startled gasp. 


Kanaan perched on a high ledge watching the drama below. The female crouched against the slave gate glaring at the horde of leering male slaves as they crept forward. She wouldn’t last the night. None of the females did in here. She’d be torn limb from limb but not before she was forced to endure the bestial attentions of the dominant members of the pens. Too bad really! He admired the female. She was feisty, skilled, a born killer, but a female all the same.
            He found it odd that her handler put her in here. She’d proven herself with every match, winning each round and advancing up the ladder. Usually an asset was treated with a little more respect, especially a female no less who’d won every bout. The crowds seemed to side with her during combat and he knew for a fact she’d made Master Luidoc’s pockets a little heavier. Didn’t make any sense that she’d be thrown in here!
            He scrubbed a hand across his jaw considering. The female interested him for more than just her fighting skills. She was different, her species unknown to him. In many ways she reminded him of the Arkogian females. The body type was similar and they were known for jutting mammary glands but her delicate build and graceful movements decried that lineage. Arkogians were block-shaped and coarse, even more so than Deg’Nara females. Perhaps she’s a hybrid! Lot of us around these days, he admitted ruefully.
            She’d drawn his attention from the first time he’d seen her fight in the pits. Slender and elegant, she looked more dancer than warrior. She was controlled, seeming bored even but that façade swiftly melted away when her opponent entered the ring. The only time he witnessed her control slip was when the female, Anashe he remembered, fell.   
            A few more paces and the mob would be on her and then it would be over. He drew a deep breath and exhaled. He stood up, gauging the distance to the ground and then dropped landing in front of the female.
            He was within inches of the frontrunners of the mob, so close he could taste their reek. He spat, clearing his mouth of the vile aroma.
“Back off,” he growled, snapping his teeth. “Or it’ll be the last step you’ll ever take!”


P.L. Parker

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cover Revealed - Abaddon Rising

I find it terribly unnerving to wait for the publisher to send the cover art.  I've had some good ones and some bad ones, but I have to say, the cover art for Abaddon Rising is definitely high on the "I love it" side.  

My hero, Khanaan, is a warrior slave fighting in the Deg'Nara gladiator games. When the human female becomes part of the games, he becomes her protector.

Coming soon from New Concepts Publishing.  


P. L. Parker

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday Whinings - Jobs That Suck

There isn't a one of us that hasn't had the "job that sucked!" I can't say that I ever worked at a job that I just loved, most were just to pay the bills and get through to the next payday.  My first really sucky job was as a "prune ringfacer" for a fruit packing plant when I was 17, before that it was mostly babysitting and crawling through the fields picking strawberries. The prune ringfacer choice job involved stacking prunes upright in a flimsy cardboard ring and hoping it stayed together until the handlers got it packed. As the fruit ran out, the employees were laid off. I was kept until the last prune met its fate, much to my disgust.  

I worked at a hamburger joint across from the local high school while I was in college.  For 60 minutes or more, a horde of hungry teenagers attacked the fast food joint, demanding food yesterday. Another sucky job and one I was happy to put behind me as I moved on. 

I worked at a daycare in charge of 20 toddlers for a short time and as a secretary in the Serials Department at Idaho State University.  My then boss would pick his nose while he dictated.  Good times!

For the last 35 or so years, I worked as a legal secretary/legal assistant for various law firms, the final one for the same attorney for over 19 years.  Getting pulled in for weekend work was the crappiest ever because you rarely got a day off to make up for the lost time.  The job had its moments up and down but I can't say I miss not working in law anymore. 

But what if the job you applied for wasn't the job you got! In my Riley's Journey Trilogy, Riley finds a job which she believes is a temporary research position, only to find out that she's been sent back in time to be the mate of a man she's never before met (Nathan). She ends up 40,000 years in the past where survival of the fittest is the law of primordial Earth. Ultimately, a black ops team is sent back to find them and a new beginning. In the sequels, modern man is forced to endure the hardships so prevalent in those times as Cro-Magnon fights for dominance.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Will o' the Wisp - Available Now on Kindle Unlimited

Will o' the Wisp - available now on Kindle Unlimited.

Science Fiction Romance.

Stalked across the vast reaches of the universe, Tannis, the last fecund female of the clan Light Bringers, takes refuge on Earth, veiling herself within the dying form of a human female. Her energy forces are flagging and to rejuvenate, she must seek the healing properties of the sun’s rays, but by doing so, she risks discovery by the hunter. Time is short and Kadin—the most feared assassin of all—draws near!


             I am Tannis! A harbinger of light! Some say I’m the catalyst to lead my kind back from the brink of annihilation.
            With Kadin in pursuit, such a fanciful hope dissolved into nothingness.
            The wind moaned, whistling through the trees, growing in force as the darkness advanced. Eerie and unsettling. The temperature dropped. Frost formed on the strands of grass, transforming the landscape with glittery gems of ice. He is coming, she thought, shuddering. A tree limb wove wraithlike in front of her vision, the long silvery leaves snapping in the strong breeze. Other than the wind, silence stilled the forest. Even the wild creatures sensed his coming.
            She wondered how the others at Sanctuary had fared. The clan families would have bonded together to face him, cleaving to each other in a show of strength. I had none to offer that protection! I suspect I’m lucky Shobath took the time to warn me before he escaped.
            She sensed rather than heard the grinding of metal against solid rock. Pounding agony emanated from the source, fading as the entity’s essence drifted away. Drawn by the diminishing energy, curiosity overcame her fear. She floated along the ground, careful not to disturb her surroundings and draw the seeker’s attention.
There! Across the way! A vehicle used for transport was crushed against a rock wall. Floating above, the occupant’s soul hovered as if undecided whether to stay or go. She murmured an invocation easing the entity’s confusion. It drifted for a moment and then disappeared into space. She only had moments before the body would begin to decompose. Was the vessel too badly damaged?
            Whatever the consequences, this was the one! She had no other choice. Focusing on the form, she entered the nervous system, spreading out as she took control. A moment of sorrow for its passing. If I’d gotten here sooner… Crushing agony overwhelmed her. The form had suffered terrible damage before its essence departed.       
The unbearable pain ripped at her mind with a thousand shards of pulsating torture. I can’t endure this much longer! But what other choice do I have?
            This body needed medical attention beyond the aid she could provide. But I have to try! Disconnecting the thrumming pain signals, she centered herself, emitting waves of healing energy, focusing on the worst of the injuries and attempting to forestall the form’s complete collapse of the major organs. The kidneys could wait but the liver and pancreas had been pierced in the accident. Blood clots formed in the venal system, working their way towards the heart and certain death. She had little time. Molecule by molecule she labored, repairing as she could, enough to stave off total meltdown while she prayed for help. 


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mars Needs Women? What about the rest of the universe?

Alien abduction? Bride Kidnapping? A 1967 independently made American direct-to-television science fiction film from Azalea Pictures, produced, written, and directed by self-proclaimed schlock artist/auteur Larry Buchanan, stars Tommy KirkYvonne Craig, and Byron Lord. The film was released in first-run syndication by American International Pictures without a theatrical release.

Plot: A U. S. military station in Houston, the United States Decoding Service (U.S.D.S.), NASA Wing, has intercepted a message from outer space. After decoding, the message contains only the cryptic statement: "Mars ... Needs ... Women"
Martians have developed a genetic deficiency that now produces only male children. A mission to Earth is launched, consisting of five Martian males, led by Dop (Tommy Kirk). Once here, their team intends to recruit Earth women to come to Mars to mate and produce female offspring, saving their civilization from extinction. Using their sophisticated transponder, Dop attempts to make contact with the U.S. military, which has now tracked the aliens' arrival on Earth.
The military eventually views the Martians as invaders, so the team takes on the guise of Earth men, acquiring human clothes, money, maps, and transportation. They finally select their prospective candidates, setting their sights on four American women: a homecoming queen, a stewardess, a stripper, and, most especially, a Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist, Dr. Bolen (Yvonne Craig), an expert in "space genetics". Resorting to hypnosis, the women are captured, but Dop quickly becomes enamored with Dr. Bolen; soon he is ready to sabotage their mission for her. After the military discovers their hideout, the Martians are forced to return home without their female captives.

Science fiction romance is replete with aliens abducting the unprepared human female and blasting into space towards an unknown destination. Sound fun?  I think not. But the concept of a handsome, hunky alien whisking the unsuspecting human female to parts unknown does have its appeal. That is, if the alien is a hunky, handsome male! 

 If the idea of aliens kidnapping prospective brides appeals to you, try out my Star Brides series, The Chalice and Breeder Slave, and coming soon, Abaddon Rising.  1,000 women, 1,000 alien males, and when the two sides meet, sparks fly.