P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Monday, November 12, 2018

TRR Year End Splash Party - Nov. 13

Hey, everyone, tomorrow, November 13, Abaddon Rising will be featured at the TRR Year End Splash Party.  If you'd like a chance to win an e-copy, sign up at the site below and on November 13, try your luck!   There are a lot of great prizes to be won at the Splash Party! Hope to see you there!


P.L. Parker

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Another Great Review for ABADDON RISING

Another great review from "Whiskey With My Book":

"The story is nearly epic and the romance keeps the pace. I truly enjoyed every page of Abaddon Rising."

Read the whole review at:  https://whiskeywithmybook.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/abaddon-rising-degnara-series-by-p-l-parker-review/

Thanks for the great review!

P.L. Parker

Absolution - And the Winner Is!

Somewhat confusing but the winner of the e-copy of Absolution is John Doe who said "Wonderful".  If John Doe will contact me at plparker92@yahoo.com, I will see that he or she gets the e-book.



Monday, October 22, 2018

Vampires - Love 'Em or Leave 'Em

My childhood was filled with scary movies. My older sisters dragged me to every scary film there ever was, and back in my childhood, you could go to the Saturday matinee - which always involved two movies for the price of 20 to 25 cents per child.  It was a win/win situation for my family. Mom got some alone time and we kids got to go to the movie.  Although at times, I would rather have stayed home, given the amount of horror films I witnessed during that time of my life.  

Vampire movies were the bane of my existence, but I have to admit, now I love watching them.  

Nosferatu (one I have never seen) was a silent picture that was produced in 1922, the very first vampire movie. Ugly as sin and his image evoked the very heart of evil.  

Me, I'd rather watch a movie or TV series where the bad guy is a hunk - like Gerard Butler as Dracula.

Or, Alex O'Loughlin in Moonlight

Or, Alexander Skarsgard in True-Blood

Or, Luke Evans in Dracula Untold

Or Lyle Schmid in Blood Ties!

And for you male bloggers, who can forget Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies?  

So many to choose from so why waste your time on the hideous ones?

In the spirit of Halloween, I'm giving away an e-copy of Absolution! My first and only vampire love story.  Leave a comment to be entered to win!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Abaddon Rising - 5 Star Review from Readers' Favorite Book Reviews!

Pretty excited by the 5 star review for Abaddon Rising by Readers' Favorite Book Reviews (Faridah Nassozi). 

"Abaddon Rising by P.L. Parker is an adrenaline-pumping read that will have you rooting for the central characters even though the odds are stacked against them..."

Link to full review:  https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/abaddon-rising

Sunday, September 23, 2018

She was the last of her kind - and the most feared assassin was on her trail! Will o' the Wisp - Scifi Romance #scifi #scifiromance #mustread

Night surrounded her. She drifted, a mere wisp on the wind, tumultuous thoughts causing the mist to darken to a cloudy grey. He was after her and if she didn’t find a host body soon, her destruction was imminent. Only in corporeal form would she have the ability to elude him, to mask her presence. Weakened as she was, she was vulnerable, easily overcome. She stifled a sob, struggling to maintain her veil of silence.
What did she know of him? Rumors abounded with his legendary skills and determination.  He was relentless, too experienced. Too determined to end my existence! Weary and distraught, she settled to the ground seeking a place to hide—to build up her flagging energy reserves for the next leg of flight. It would’ve been better to find an energy source but if he was as gifted as she’d been led to believe, he’d detect the transference and strike.
            Why is he after me? I’m not a destroyer. I don’t harm anyone? Why me? No rational explanations existed for the unanswered questions.
            Leaves rustled overhead causing her to cringe in fear, the tendrils of mist darkening to black. Mentally damning his formidable strength, she sent out miniscule feelers seeking his aura, careful not to delve too deeply lest he perceive her intrusion. What was he after?
I’m so afraid! There were so few of her kind left, so few to carry on. Devastated by failing energy resources and the lack of healthy breeders, the clan was on the verge of extinction. But I don’t deserve to die! I’m nothing, too insignificant to warrant the attention of such a fearsome and ancient being.
Kadin was far too powerful to covet her meager essence, but if legend could be believed, he was one who slaughtered his own.

Available on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited, or $.99. Buy Link: