P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Excerpt from Will o' the Wisp

Stalked across the vast reaches of the universe, Tannis, the last fecund female of the clan Light Bringers, takes refuge on Earth, veiling herself within the dying form of a human female. Her energy forces are flagging and to rejuvenate, she must seek the healing properties of the sun’s rays, but by doing so, she risks discovery by the hunter. Time is short and Kadin—the most feared assassin of all—draws near!

Excerpt from my latest short story, Will o' the Wisp:

“Hold her down while I sedate her.”
“No!” Tannis screamed out. “If I sleep, he’ll find me!”
“No one is going to hurt you,” the woman soothed. “We just want you to calm down.” “You don’t understand! I can’t sleep,” she cried. “If I do, he’ll destroy me.”
“No one’s going to destroy you,” Laura said as she reattached the tubes. “We won’t let them,” she glanced at the other two. “Will we?”
They shook their heads. “Not on our watch,” one replied.
“But…but you won’t even know he’s here until it’s too late.”
A hand squeezed her shoulder. “You’re in ICU. No one gets in here without us knowing about it.”
“You can’t know…,” she moaned as more drugs entered the body’s system. “He won’t rest until I’m eliminated.”

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