Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrate the new version - The Chalice

For about a month, The Chalice on Amazon in Kindle has been unavailable for some unknown reason, publisher uploaded it twice but finally available again. 

1,000 Women awaken 200 years in the future aboard an alien  ship bound for parts unknown.


All heads swiveled as the panel to the females’ quarters slid upwards. Tegan’s hand froze, the bite of food forgotten.       
            “They’re coming out,” Shagal whispered, fairly bouncing with excitement. “Wha…?”
            The panel slid to an abrupt halt and then started back down, stopped by an object wedged underneath.
            “What are they doing?” Vaux exclaimed, bending over. “What is that?”
            Tegan leaned sideways, tilting his head. “They’re trying to see out,” he murmured, grinning in spite of himself. “They’re using a female stimulator orb to keep it open.”
            “Maybe they’re sending us a message.” Mordaq dropped down on his chest, angling for a better view. “Making it clear we’re unnecessary.”
            “That’s kind of disgusting,” Vaux snorted, lip curling. “Crude, really.”
            “I think it’s a simple matter of trying to see.” He sat back up, staring at his bowl, lips twitching. 
            Vaux sniffed, wiping his lips. “If they want to see what we’re doing without us seeing them, why don’t they use the viewing screens?”
            “I would guess it’s because they don’t know how.” Why would they? If Kormak’s logs were correct, the Chalices had only been awake for a short time. Without guidance, how were they to learn?
            “Access the ship’s computers and open a line to the viewing screen in the females’ chamber so they can watch us.” He laughed. “This is a perfect opportunity to prove we mean them no harm and we’re peaceful.”
            “I suppose you want me to do it,” Vaux grumbled, shoveling food into his mouth, “even though I’ve not finished eating.”
            “I suppose your stomach is much more important than the females.” Shagal’s snide comment stung the tech, causing Vaux to flinch in reflex. He studied his food, unwilling to meet Tegan’s eyes.
            “The Chalices and I would appreciate your prompt efforts.” Tegan spoke softly, his words easing the tension triggered by Shagal’s criticism. “I suspect they’re as curious as are we.”
            Vaux nodded, lips pressed in a firm line. He stood up, bending at the waist. “As you wish, Milord.”
            “I’m not your Lord,” Tegan murmured for Vaux’s ears alone. “I’m your friend asking for a favor.”

In celebration - one lucky commenter will win a copy of the new version of The Chalice.  Contest ends March 31, 2013. 

Buy link just in case:


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