P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Sunday, November 10, 2013

WIP - or...Will it Publish?

Sneak Peek of my Work in Progress:

Leah ran her hands lightly down the ravaged arm of the male, massaging in the gooey mass she found in his stores. Purpling bruises and a scaly red rash covered the hand and forearm, the most virulent centered near the puncture wound on his palm. Ugly and suppurating, she cringed at the imagined pain the male must be experiencing, though his skin did feel cooler to the touch. She sniffed her fingers. The blue stuff smelled like antiseptic and seemed to soothe him as she lathered it on. Could be toothpaste for all I know! But the redness eased somewhat after the application. The raging fever dropped in the past few hours and his restless ranting and raving had diminished. Beneath her exploring fingers, the massive muscles bunched and rolled as if escaping her tender touch. As she rubbed the concoction into his wrist area, his hand twitched and a low moan of pain escaped his lips.
No male should have lips like those! Made for mind-shattering lip locks and other nasty things….  Her libido pinged. Stop it girl! Just what I don’t need to be thinking about right now! He’d made it very clear even in his delirium how he felt about the human females. Shaking herself, she continued the massage, working the gel into the elegant, work-roughened fingers. He exhaled a long sigh as if relieved. The eyelids twitched. The curling white lashes fluttered. Vibrant blue peeked through the half-closed lids. As the unfocused eyes cleared he jerked, catching her hand in a vise-like grip.
“Don’t touch me,” he growled before he shoved her hand away. Rolling to his side, he pushed himself to a sitting position. “The hands of a Deg’Nara whore sicken me!”
“Why you ungrateful asshole…!” she gasped, outraged by the red marks ringing her wrist. She threw the tube of gel at his face, secretly pleased when it bounced off his cheek. She flounced to her feet, arms akimbo as she fumed. “Moira and I’ve been taking care of you round the clock and that means changing your diapers and cleaning you up afterwards! You think we enjoyed it, you thankless piece of shit? Not hardly! And I told you, I’m not a Deg’Nara, so quit with the rude crap.”
He brushed a hand across his jaw, the blue eyes flaring with disdain. “You may not be Deg’Nara but you came from one of their ships! You’re either a spy or just another piece of trash they had no further use for.” The well-formed lips curved in a sneer. “I value you even less than they.”
“I. Don’t. Care.” She literally spit the words out. “All I care about is getting off this God-forsaken planet and rejoining our people, and if that means putting up with you to achieve that result…,” she drew a deep breath, stilling the desire to rip his balls off, “I guess it’s what I’ll have to do.”
His head tipped as he studied her for several heartbeats. “Why do you think I would help you?”
“Because you want off this hell-hole as much as we do.”

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