Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday - and it's a snippet from WIP

My latest is a sequel to The Chalice.  I've titled it The Breeder Prince.  Here's a snippet to catch your interest.


Run!” Leah hissed. She darted into the scrub, weaving through the wispy plants and scattered rocks dotting the barren landscape. Her peripheral vision caught movement as more bodies raced for cover.
Run Moira,” she screeched. Her breath came in short pants. The cloying heat and thin atmosphere made breathing almost unbearable. Salt stung her eyes as sweat streamed from her hairline. She stumbled and fell, but rolled to her feet and kept running.
“I cannae keep up,” Moira wailed, her Irish brogue made more prominent by terror. “I cannae run as fast as you!”
            Leah glanced over her shoulder. The little redhead was trying but the shorter legs couldn’t match her longer strides. She was falling behind…becoming more of a target.
            A pulse beam shattered a boulder nearby spraying splinters of rock in all directions. She ducked, crying out as stinging shards sliced her face and ripped holes in her clothing. Behind her, Moira screamed in pain.
            “Move your ass damn it!” She careened around a large boulder and dropped, crouching against the solid rock wall as she sucked in great gulps of air. More pulse beams rent the air followed by more screaming.
Moira lurched around the stone outcropping and tripped, landing face down in the hot sandy soil. “I cannae run any further,” she moaned, coughing up dust. She pushed to her knees, swiping at the clear liquid dripping from her nose. “Where’re the others?” she hiccupped.
“Probably dead like we’re going to be if we don’t find cover.” Leah craned her neck, trying to see around the rock. “Where the frick are they?”

“I saw Sharon.” Moira burst into fresh wailing. “They shot her down like a dog as she ran from the ship.”


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