Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spring Fling Best of the Best Vol. II - Book Bundles are so Fun! Chance to meet 10 authors

The Chalice is part of the Spring Fling Best of the Best Vol. II from New Concepts Publishing.  

This anthology contains books by multiple authors: 

Apocalypse: Chaos Forged by Kaintlyn O'Connor (sci-fi) 

Darkling Seas by Madelaine Montague (paranormal) 

The Chalice by P. L. Parker (sci-fi) 

The Futhark Chronicles One: Keepers of Sulbreth by Susan Gourley (Fantasy) 

Seduction by J. P. Robbs (romantic suspense) 

The Galactic Outlaws: The Outlaw's Prize by Susan Kelley (sci-fi) 

Southern Heat: Goldilocks by Kimberly Zant (erotica) 

Eternity by Marie Morin (paranormal) 

The Rake by Georgeanne Hayes (historical) 

Labyrinth of the Beast by Goldie McBride (Dark fantasy/Erotica) 

Little bit of everything for everyone.

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