Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's October - Time for Some Vampire...Love?

Witches and ghosts, and things that go bump in the night.  It's the month of October, the month of Halloween.

Check under your beds, behind closed doors and in the dark corners. If you're lucky, you won't find anything.  If not.....

And during Halloween month, what could be better than some Vampire love?

Absolution - Excerpt:

.The huge warrior, Zaccarius, stalked forward, shoving him aside.  Chloe hissed, barring her fangs at the intruder, her eyes glazed with heat. 
“Stay away!” She spat, raising clawed hands.
A grim smile twisted the warrior’s lips.  “Do not fight me, little one!”
Quick as lightening, she struck out, clawing a shallow red gash across his chest.
Zaccarius’ lips thinned.  “It will go better for you if you do not fight me!”
Chloe slashed again, flitting across the room.  “Get away!” she screeched, “afore I kill ye!”
Determined, he pursued her, gliding easily out of reach when she attacked.  She feinted to the side and then spun, slashing the air.
“I will hurt ye,” she growled, spitting defiance.
“I suspect you’ll try.”
“I do not want to,” she whispered, but struck again. 
Zaccarius detected a forlorn glimmer peeking from the depths of her heated eyes.  She wasn’t fighting to win.  She was fighting to protect him.  Inwardly, he grinned.  The skirmish was almost over.
Forced into a corner, she crouched, ready to spring.  The moment her eyes drifted, seeking an escape, he pounced, wrestling her to the ground and pinning her while she thrashed and kicked, raking his back with sharpened nails.  She fought as a wild thing, arching back and bucking, attempting to dislodge him.  The cords of her neck strained with tension as she snapped at his neck, pinching skin as her fangs found tissue.  So inhumanly strong, but so utterly female! 
With her every motion, his body reacted.  Long forgotten needs surfaced – needs he’d not felt since he was human.
With one expert flip, he threw her over his shoulder and marched into a nearby bedroom.  Flicking the bolt across, he locked the door behind him and tossed the little wildcat onto the huge bed.  Bouncing up, she flew at him, claws extended, going for his face.  He caught her effortlessly and tossed her back.  Now that she was removed from the dimwitted duo and their female cohort, he was enjoying the strenuous encounter.  She would not give in easily and he exulted in her uncontrolled attack.  It had been too long since he’d enjoyed the tender caresses of a lusty female - albeit an unwilling one.  And given time and the right instruction, she would make a powerful adversary in the war against the dark ones.  He just needed to convince her.
Chloe!” he barked.  “Stop!  Remember who you are!”
“Nay,” she growled, hissing like a furious cat.  “Tis too late!”
She launched herself at him, using the bed as a springboard.  In a blur of motion, he threw up a forearm, covering his face.  They collided with a loud thump, going down in a writhing heap of fangs and slashing claws. Rolling over, he held her prone while she thrashed, snarling, snapping and mouthing epithets.  Held thus, he studied her, entranced by the fine texture of her silken skin, the pert well-formed nose and full, luscious lips, stretched now over extended canines.  Tiny but exquisite, she was rounded in all the right places.  Her breasts, flattened against his chest, were full and soft, and he longed to caress them, licking the nipples to taut peaks.  Lodged between her thighs, he waited for the storm to pass.
Unexpectedly, she lunged upward, piercing his throat. As she drank, he experienced a brief moment of discomfort and then his mind burst as soul-wrenching sexual need flooded his being, burgeoning up in uncontrolled waves of primitive heat.  His fangs descended.  A red haze blurred his vision. 
Chloe stiffened, pulling back.  Stunned and horrified, eyes flaring, she gasped, lush lips trembling with fear and humiliation.
“I didst not mean such,” she whispered, tears glistening in her incredible eyes.  “Ye must destroy me afore I hurt the innocent.”
“But you didn’t,” he rasped, his voice guttural with need.  “Even in blood lust, you didn’t hurt anyone.”
“But I attacked ye and took blood,” she cried, stricken. 
He nuzzled her neck, inhaling the fresh scent of lilies.  “We are what we are,” he murmured, licking her throat with sensual intent.  “We didn’t choose this life, it was thrust on us.  What matters is how we continue.  Taking blood is the only way to survive, but we don’t have to kill to do it - and none need to remember us afterwards.  I’ll teach you how.”
“Ye canst not teach me what I doest not wish to know.”
The temptation to sample her body becaume an almost overwhelming need, but kissing her was the only possible response considering the circumstances, and he did so, parting her lips and ravaging her mouth.  His blood lingered on her tongue, spicy and seductive.  The stiffness of her body lessened, curving deliciously against him. He pressed the attack, relishing her subtle response even as she fought to deny him.

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