Saturday, July 7, 2018

Summertime - No Rest for the Weary

Summertime used to be the most waited time of the year when I was young.  School was out and the list of much-anticipated adventures were just over the horizon.

Now, in my second year of retirement, I find myself busier than ever.  Besides the yard work (mowing, weeding, etc.) and taking care of my husband who had a stroke in mid-February (he is doing very well by the way), I am smack-dab in the middle of reviewing the audio chapters for Aimee's Locket! I have to admit! I am enjoying it.  How fun to go back and listen to a book that was published in 2008 I believe.  Aimee's Locket,a time-travel novel, was one of my first books published and the only book I have written about the Old West. I wrote it because my husband wanted a story about the Oregon Trail.  He has been listening right along with me and we are both enjoying the forgotten scenes.

Dawson McBride is the narrator and he has the most amazing westerny sounding voice, I just love listening to him.  Might be interested in checking out his site:

Look for Aimee's Locket soon in audio book.

Link to Amazon for e-book, print copies:

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