P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Friday, July 13, 2012

Freaky Friday - Friday the 13th - Work in Progress

Work in progress:  Page 13 - 13 lines:

 “I hoped coming here would be for the better. I thought it would be so exciting—a chance to make a difference.” She coughed, easing the lump forming in her throat.
“It’s certainly been exciting,” Geena chuckled. “Can’t argue with that one!”
“I didn’t mean that kind of exciting! I meant good exciting, not the kind where people get killed and the animals eat you for breakfast.”
“I know,” Geena sighed. She pulled off her boots and waded in. “Jesus! This shit’s cold.”
The tip of her hunting bow caught in a branch hanging overhead. With a disgusted huff, she wiggled it free, taking a moment to smooth the taut string with loving fingers. The tracker was never without her arsenal, a fact Rachel appreciated. Throwing knives ringed the tracker’s slim waist, her weapons of choice. Strapped to her leg was an abbreviated panga, for close encounters she said. Clad in a leather vest and knee length leather pants, Geena looked lethal and extremely capable. Save for the delicate features fringed by short blonde hair, she was as savage appearing as any of the men. Could kick most of their butts too!

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