P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation Time, Where Will You Go?

My family of course will make the annual trek to Stanley, Idaho, and the Middle Fork of the Salmon, where we'll camp, fish and raft for 9 relaxing days.  Here are some past photos for your enjoyment:

The group - I'm on the back row second female from the left standing next to the good looking guy with the beer in hand. 
My boys at our favorite restaurant in Lower Stanley!

Middle Fork of the Salmon facing towards the Sawtooths.

Sitting on the deck of our cabin as the sun sets.

Me and my sisters floating down the river - so fun!

Where will you go this year?


Cathie Dunn said...

That sounds wonderful, Patsy. What a stunning location! Green with envy here. ;-)

We're not going anywhere this year. Boo. And we seem to have pulled the short straw weather wise: it's been raining for nearly 2 months.

Oh, well. Plenty of time for evening reads.

Enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to more fabulous photos.

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks Cathie! I'll take a bunch

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