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P.L. Parker

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How do you decide on a name?

Do you, like me, spend hours and hours, days even trying to come up with a name for your latest book?  I frequently involve my husband and my sisters in the process and eventually a name surfaces that seems to please all of us.  I'm currently working on the third in my Riley's Journey series and finding a name that fit the end result really was a confusing one.  This is the third and final in the series and I wanted a name that was an ending, but a beginning for my black ops troop sent back 40,000 years.  

Here is a little excerpt of my WIP:

Rachel wrung out a cloth and wiped the little girl’s face. Sparrow looked bad, an unhealthy shade of green. If I could see myself, I’d probably be green too! Below decks reeked with the acrid smell of vomit and only by gritting her teeth could she keep from contributing to the foul mess. The tiny tot swallowed hard and then coughed, a drool of frothy liquid spilled down her quivering little chin.
            “You’ll feel better soon baby,” Rachel crooned as she dotted at the tiny face. She’s such a beautiful child, so delicate and feminine it almost breaks my heart.  Hawk’s child! The result of his joining with Wren.
Sparrow wrapped chubby arms around Rachel’s knees and buried her face. For a moment Rachel hesitated and then picked the toddler up, pressing a kiss to the soft curls. Who wouldn’t love this little darling?
            Ashen and trembling, Wren reached for a support beam and dragged herself from the cot where she’d huddled during the entirety of the storm. She pressed a hand to her mouth stifling a moan. The small boys crouched on the floor hugging each other while they stared at Rachel with wide glazed eyes. The woman reached for Sparrow.
            “Go back to bed,” Rachel said. “I’ll take care of the children.”
            Brows arched, Wren managed to look skeptical even taking into account the sickly cast to her pale features.
            “No! I mean it.” Rachel cuddled the toddler gleaning comfort from the small body. “I know how to take care of them.”
            Nodding assent, Wren staggered back to the cot and fell in, groaning as she hit the pillow.
            Hah! One thing I’m better at! I can handle seasickness better than she can! Not much to crow about but at least it’s something!
            Tucking Sparrow under one arm, she reached a hand to the boys. “Come on guys! Let’s go topside and breathe some clean air. The smell of vomit down here makes me want to puke.”

And so - a name - best choice so far and one I'm leaning towards - Beyond Tomorrow.  Pretty good, hey?



Peter Johnstone said...

Wait till it's finished. I changed the name of my first book right at the end and it was better for it. This time I came up with a name too early and I'm desperately trying not to write the book to fit the title

P.L. Parker said...

Thanks for your comment Peter. Fortunately the book is almost finished, writing the final chapter now.

Amy Keeley said...

I agree with Peter Johnstone. I didn't have a clear idea of the title of my book until the revision when I realized the theme my subconscious had been writing.

And congrats on getting to the final chapter.

BTW, I looked over your stories and saw some interesting ones. Any recommendations, or would it be like choosing favorites among your children?

P.L. Parker said...

Actually one of my favorites is The Chalice. I had so much fun writing that one. I also love Absolution.