Saturday, November 10, 2012

How do you envision your characters?

How do you envision your characters?

Personally, when I'm writing, I like to have this mental image of what my characters should look like.  I often go to istock photos or bigstock photos for inspiration.  I was at bigstock the other day just brousing and I found the perfect picture - and bought it for future reference - for my just finished novel, Beyond Tomorrow.  My character is a man born 40,000 years ago to time travelers.  He is not aware of his true heritage but only that he seeks the ones the old grandfather sent him in search of.  His name is "Hawk."  Picture is fitting, isn't it?  I want this picture on my cover in some way!!!

I also was searching for a picture of my heroine and came across this one - and again bought it.  Maybe the clothes need to be changed but she depicts the uncertainty and despair of a modern woman dropped into the past 40,000 years ago. I've called her Rachel.


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