Saturday, August 9, 2014

What if you awoke 200 years in the future, captive to an alien lord?

Decimated by the savage Deg’Nara and teetering on the brink of extinction, the last surviving males of the once great Chiagan-Se embark on a quest to salvage what is left of their civilization. They send their remaining seeker ships into the void, searching for genetically compatible females. Time is running out, but in the far reaches of the universe, on an obscure and primitive planet, a match is discovered.

One thousand panic-stricken women awaken two hundred years in the future, captives aboard an unmanned alien spacecraft bound for parts unknown! How had they gotten there and why?

The males thought they came willingly. The females believed they’d been kidnapped. Full of hopeful expectation, the Chiagan-Se prepare for the arrival of their new mates. Terrified and furious at the inexplicable abduction, the women prepare for combat! And when the two sides meet, the battle commences.

The Chalice by P. L. Parker

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Anne said...

My favorite book you have written! I can't wait for the sequel. I was lost in this world while reading. Laughing, crying and rooting for the characters to find love took me over as I read. The characters were delightful, believable and so interesting. I hope to see more of the couples in future books!!