Friday, July 3, 2015

Writing...Or Trying to Write

Writing takes a considerable amount of concentration.  But sometimes that just isn't possible.  My desk is in the corner of the front room and in full view of everyone in the kitchen and dining room.  In other words, no privacy.  My husband, sweet guy that he is, loves to update me on just about every subject he can find while I'm trying to write.  The dog stands next to me and stares, wondering how long before I take her out or whatever she is contemplating needs done.  Sons wander in and out and generally make comments or read over my shoulder and then the phone rings, usually some individual with a foreign accent I can't really understand but who wants to fix my computer! How can someone fix my computer over the phone when I can barely understand him - not that my computer needs fixing. What is an aspiring author to do?  

 I've almost given up the writing at home so I take my laptop to work and sit in the car during my lunch hours and compose.  Not too bad except when the temperature is 10 degrees above zero or alternatively 107.  But as an author, I persevere and keep those fingers flying! Might be a little slower than working at home, but at least I'm in there trying and keeping a smile on my face.  

Current work in progress is a sequel to The Chalice.    

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Tricia Schneider said...

You're not alone! I have a similar situation in my home.