P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Saturday, October 17, 2015

It's Almost Halloween - Any room for a Vampire?

One who doesn't know she's a vampire? And only by absolution can she be saved.

Absolution by P. L. Parker

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 “I canst not move,” she objected. “Ye hast made movement impossible.”
Chloe reached up, moving the gauze just enough to allow breathing.
“Now you messed it up.” Earl re-adjusted the layer, leaving it slightly looser.
“I be barely able to see,” Chloe complained. “Doest ye believe such will work?”
“I think it will, but what about these?” Benny fingered her long tresses. “Won’t they
get suspicious if her hair’s not burned off?”
“’Tis very thin,” Chloe murmured, “and p’raps they will think the fire be the cause.”
“Good point!Maybe if we pull it up and wrap it around her head, they won’t even
notice it. Her face’s enough to scare ‘em away anyway.”
“For gawd’s sake, Benny!  Is your mouth attached to your brain?”
Chloe’s lips twisted in a wry smile. “’Tis well Benny reminds me often, else I might
fall into the sin of vanity.”
“Well, I’ve been paying attention, and believe me, you’re getting better. There are
actually places where skin’s starting to form. That has to be good!” Earl reached for a
jug of blood. “While I’m thinking about it, you better drink some more of this before
you go to sleep.”
Benny’s stomach gurgled loudly. “How about us? When do we eat?”
“I be pleased to share.” Chloe’s voice rang with amusement, much to Benny’s
Shuddering exaggeratedly, he poked a finger down his throat and gagged. “Forget
With Earl’s assistance, Chloe managed to mince her way to the SUV, but getting in
was another matter. Between the two of them, Earl and Benny loaded her into the back,
taking care to tuck the tent around her once again. Their voices came muffled through
the layers and Chloe felt as if she were in another world. Truth be known, she was in
another world, unlike any she’d ever imagined. How was she going to fit into this

strange place? 

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