P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Memoirs - Beep Beep

I was truly one of the lucky ones who was blessed with a wonderful childhood.  I was always a brave child, loved to be outdoors riding my bike rather than stuck inside watching TV, but sometimes...

Saturday morning, the TV would be blaring.  My brother would have Saturday morning cartoons on long before anyone else was awake.  This was the kid who had to be thrown out of his bed on any other day of the week but not Saturday.  I woke every morning to the sound of "La La La, lala la. la la la, lala la..." But then, who could resist The Roadrunner in his neverending battle with Wile E Coyote or love-starved Pepe Le Pew's quest for amour to the disgust of the black cat.

And then the American viewing audience was thrilled with the first prime time cartoon The Flintstones, followed shortly by the Jetsons. 

And then one of my all time favorites - Johnny Bravo came into being.  My favorite line from one of his episodes was when the mad scientist has Johnny hospitalized for removal of his brain and Johnny said,  "Wait a minute! Don't I need that?"

We been through a gamut of cartoon characters, my sons the superheroes, the Disney princesses with my granddaughter and I've enjoyed most of them but in this point of my life,  I have to admit, I'm somewhat taken by the Minions.

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