Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting Ready for the Big Moment - Searching for Bigfoot/Aliens

I'm a little bit scifi so - okay, I admit! I am a believer in Bigfoot and aliens!

With an Amazon gift card I got for Christmas, I bought a telescope.  Haven't figured out how to use it yet, but at least I have the darn thing.  Took my hubby a couple of days to put it together. Amazing how many working parts a telescope has.  After much grumbling and a noticeable increase in his ability to swear, he got the thing put together.  

I imagine seeing aliens, tracking Bigfoot, being the first to prove these creatures are real! Now I'm checking out Bigfoot research groups in the area and also alien research groups! They have to be here! I have to find them!

Wish me luck in my endeavor.  I'm excited but what if I do actually encounter one or the other?  Will I be so excited then?

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Unknown said...

I love this! I wrote a book about Sasquatch shifers called Shifted in Seattle. Right up your alley, lol!!! Breeder Slave sounds great!