P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Morsel - Lost in the Universe

Her only chance for survival was the fugitive breeder slave who wanted nothing to do with her.

Breeder Slave by P. L. Parker


“I hate to break it to you Mr. Romantic, but I haven’t been in here dreaming of the moment you storm through the door and ravage my trembling body.” She heaved a sigh damning poor timing and unrelieved sexual tension. “The only thing I want ravaging my body right now is that bed and about three rotations of uninterrupted sleep.”
            Like a schoolboy caught in the act, he shifted from foot to foot as a slow blush colored his pale cheeks. His head dipped, the long silver tresses covered his face. Biceps bunched as his hands fisted.
            His head lifted, the brilliant blue eyes blazed. “I have never wanted a female before. That choice was taken from me by those who called themselves my master.” The mobile lips twitched. “Forced breeding was just another atrocity those of us in captivity were expected to endure.”
            The blue gaze locked with hers as he took a few steps forward. “But I want you. Want you as I have never wanted another thing in my entire existence.”
            Now we’re talking!
            He continued. “I don’t know about softness or warmth…or what happens between a male and a female who desire each other. I only know that I want you so much my mind cannot think.”
            There it is! Her stomach spasmed. More than she’d expected—more than she imagined he’d ever admit.

P.L. Parker

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