Friday, May 1, 2020

All She Wanted Was to Return to the Future - Aimee's Locket - Time Travel Romance

What would you do if one day you were swept through a portal and ended up somewhere in the past? Would you try anything possible to return home?  I know I would.

Aimee is a modern young woman who's one sole passion is collecting antique lockets and that's how the adventure started. One minute she was in modern day Seattle and the next in 1847 St. Louis, alone, scared and without the means to survive.

What is she to do? She wants nothing more than to go home and the only way to get to Seattle, even in 1847, is by wagon train. She has no money, lone women are not usually allowed to travel so what is her recourse? Marry the wagon scout of course.  Jake Marshal is her ticket home!  Find out what happens!

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Now in audiobook form as well, narrated by the awesome Dawson McBride:

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