Monday, August 2, 2021

Double J's and Mama's Search for Bigfoot - Part 3 - Knocking #bigfoot #paranormal #plparker

Well, Mama and Double J continued their search for Bigfoot.  We went back to our earlier search area but nothing new this time so tried another spot.  Double J was howling and knocking every chance he got.  Interesting, he went up this draw beyond where I could see. I of course was guarding the truck...just in case. Double J describes his venture as going over a small rise and then the site opening into this small valley with lots of brush and a small stream running through it. He began knocking and howling and was somewhat startled when he got a response and so close.  Something in the brush about 20 yards away made a huffing and growling sound.  All Double J could think about was that here he was all alone where no one could hear him scream - and nothing but two sticks to defend himself.  He backed out slowly and came back to the truck.  I consider this another win in our search for Bigfoot.  I've included a link so you can see Double J's efforts!

Happy Squatching! 

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