Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Love These Reviews! #requiem #plparker #spaceopera #aliens #deg'Nara


As an author, nothing pleases me more than good reviews.  I've grown accustomed to the less than good reviews and have learned to take them with a grain of salt!  Not always easy but it comes with the job!

Reviews are so important and it isn't always easy to receive the reviews, or as many of them, as we'd like, but when we get those good ones - Wahoo!

Here are just a few I've received on Amazon for my latest novel REQUIEM, Book 4 in the Star Brides (Deg'Nara) Series.

"...Requiem is the latest installment of P.L. Parker’s Deg’Nara series. It has a lot going on with a fast-moving plot, a full cast of characters, action, adventure, suspense, intrigue, a space pirate, romance, and more. Requiem is a well-written story from start to finish." N.N. Light

"...I found this book to be a well written story and exciting. Characters are easy to relate to. Loved it." jumperboo2

"...The book grabs ahold and not only won't let go but refuses to let go. It truly is a must read for any one let alone a P. L. Parker fan." Double J

Keep those reviews coming if you've a mind to!

Link to Requiem:

Happy Reading!


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