Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another 5 Star Review for GINGER on Amazon! #ginger #plparker #scifi #scifiromance #dystopian


Another 5 Star Review for GINGER on Amazon!  Thank you Cara Bristol:

"In book 3 of this post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance series, Ginger and her genetically enhanced sisters, who’ve been living in an abandoned installation in Colorado, are trekking to Montana after their hideaway is discovered and invaded by the alien Friems. They going to meet up with a military group intending to fight the Friems and take back Earth. But along the way, the sisters’ convoy is attacked by alien drones, and Ginger runs off, luring the drones away, saving most of her people."  Cara Bristol

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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Another 5 Star Review for Poppy! I'm Loving It! #alieninvasion #scifi #scifiromance #romance #plparker

 Another 5 star review for Poppy:

"This is a great post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance series. Earth’s population was all but wiped out by the Friems, terrifying aliens. Bands of survivors have taken refuge wherever they can find it. Jackers, lowlife human scum, prey on the survivors, often working for the Friems.
Fantastic worldbuilding. Great characters.
This is an awesome series. Start at the beginning with Saffron. (All the sisters are named after spices)." Reviewed May 9 by Cara Bristol.

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Poppy (The Chimeras)

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Sage is Coming! Book 4 in the Chimeras Series! #dystopian #alieninvasion #romance #scifi #adventure

She's coming! SAGE, Book 4 in the Chimeras series.  She's the warrior. The protector. But most times she's just a pain in the ass. Brash, determined, uncontrollable. A man's woman. Look for her soon!

Friday, April 19, 2024

New and Interesting! My Kids on Fortnite! #contests #scifi #romance #trubslayer

Something new and interesting - and perhaps win a few books. My son and my grandson are a team on Fortnite. If you are interested in winning the first three books in my Chimeras series (Saffron, Poppy, Ginger), all you have to do is follow trubslayer on Kick and in chat type !IwantBooks. You'll be entered.

Here's the site:

Friday, April 5, 2024

30,500+ Words on Sage - Book 4 in the Chimeras #alieninvasion #dystopian #scifi #adventure

It's always satisfying to pass that 30,000 mark.  My Chimeras series are all in the 50,000 to 55,000 range so hitting he 30,500 mark is a milestone.  I've reached that in Book 4 of The Chimeras series: Sage.

Sage is the warrior. Tough, resilient and self-serving, but along comes Gideon, a guy she can't seem to love and leave. What's with that?

I hope to have this book ready by late spring/early summer, so look for it.  In the meantime, if you like scifi/action/alien invasion, you might try the first three books in the series: Saffron, Poppy and Ginger.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to You #stpatricks #leprechauns #paranormal #scifi


Top of the morning to you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. A time for leprechauns and wearing of the green.

Whenever I think of St. Patrick's Day, I am reminded of an episode of Bonanza which aired in December, 1963.  Hoss believed there were leprechauns running loose and he was out in the forest calling: "Leprechaun. Leprechaun." Eventually, he discovered that they were an acrobatic troupe just trying to escape.

It was a hilarious episode and I laugh whenever I think of it.

I'm a little bit Irish.  My mother's father was English/Irish so I'm on it for "wearing of the green."

Irish Blessing:

May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
Who says, “This drink’s on me.”

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Wear some green.