Thursday, September 16, 2021

Double J's and Mama's Search for Bigfoot: Update #bigfoot #searchforbigfoot #paranormal #plparker

               Greetings fellow Squatchers!  

As an update on Double J's and Mama's Search for Bigfoot - next week we return to where it all began for me - John Day, Oregon, and below Elk Meadows!  Back 44 years ago, we were camped below Elk Meadows when we heard the elk whistling and then stampeding. Within seconds, we heard this ungodly roar, the like of which I've never heard before.  Made the hair stand up on my arms. None of us knew what could make that sound. It was the scariest sound I've ever heard in nature.

We plan an overnighter to John Day. Taking the night vision binoculars, the thermal vision cameras, drone, the trail cams and ourselves heading into the wilds to hopefully get a hit! In reality, I'm somewhat nervous! What if we actually encounter something? Will I run like the coward I am or will I put on my big girl panties and tough it out?  We shall see!

I will post another update when we return! Hoping I will have something worth talking about.


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