Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Double J's and Mama's Search for Bigfoot: Stumped But Not Defeated #bigfoot #searchforbigfoot #paranormal #plparker

Hello Again!

Well, we ventured out on our overnighter to John Day to search for the elusive Bigfoot where so many years ago, I heard what I truly believe was his roar.

We were excited, prepared to find something, and the weather was perfect.  The moon was full and we really felt like we had a chance.

Unfortunately, the slippery giant was beyond our reach.  The area where we planned to center our search had suffered significant burn-off and I doubt anything would stay in the area for any length of time.

We focused our search on other parts of the Malheur National Forest but I have to tell you, that is the quietest forest we've every searched so far.  Didn't even hear birds.  Was spooky it was so quiet.

Anyway, we knocked, we howled, we played back supposed Bigfoot howls but other than having a good time doing it, our efforts were unsuccessful.

We are undaunted though.  As our heroes on TV would say, tomorrow is another day!

Onward and upward.


1 comment:

Dariel Raye said...

Sounds like an exciting adventure, Patsy 😍
I'm not sure I'd have the courage to meet the big fella in person, though!