Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Weird Thing Happened on the Way to.....

Have you ever written a story, used what you thought were imaginary scenarios only to find facts later on to validate your creation?  I have and let me tell you, it can be somewhat unnerving and downright spooky.

As an example, while I was writing Aimee's Locket, of course I researched the Oregon Trail but I also used my own imagination in creating my characters and situations.  One that really sticks in my mind was the character, Charlie Tuttle, who was a young boy on the wagon train.  I had already written Charlie solidly into the story when I again did some research on the subject and came across a trip manifest for a wagon train at almost the same time as I based my story, and one of the travelers was Charles Tuttle! I had chills running up my spine on that one.

I love the research part and find it immensely satisfying to find facts to validate or give substance to my story.  But then there are those moments when I truly wonder if someone or something tapped me on the shoulder.

If you like wagon trains, cowboys and Indians, you might enjoy Aimee's Locket - a time travel romance.  On August 2, Aimee's Locket goes on sale for 99 cents.

Here's the trailer: