Sunday, August 11, 2013

She awoke in the stars - captive to an alien lord - The Chalice

Sunday short blurb:

How long could they keep this up before the breeders grew impatient?
The male voice, deep and melodious, called out again. “Heh-woe ert goos.”
They were trying to communicate. The breeders were trying to communicate! It sounded like hello earth whatever—sort of.
“They’re talking to us,” Kara whispered. “Maybe one of us should say something.”
Dread bent forward just an inch. “You volunteering?”  
“I just said one of us—doesn’t have to be me.” Last thing she wanted to do was stand up and turn around. Might go blind from the shock. Besides, why should she be the sacrificial lamb?  
She could hear Anne’s deep inhale. “Maybe the five of us together should stand up.”
“I am vith you,” Hanna said. “Ven you are ready, say the vord.”
Ume leaned forward, tilting her head to face them. “When we stand up, move into a tight semi-circle. We can protect each other easier that way.”
“You sure we should do this?” Kara groaned. An anxiety attacked pounded at her temples. “I’m perfectly content just to sit here.”
“Heh-woe ert goos,” the voice tried again.
She heaved a sigh. At least the breeders weren’t acting hostile. Might as well get it over with. “Who’s going to do the talking.”
“We leave it to you, O Great Leader,” Dread voice sounded amused. “Besides, we can afford to lose you, not the rest of us. We need Anne’s smarts and our fighting skills. Hate to say it, but you’re expendable.”
“Suck my crackhead boyfriend’s dick.”
“Is he good-looking?”
Kara gnashed her teeth, fists clenching, envisioning her hands around Dread’s sorry neck. If she lived through the next few minutes, she’d plan her revenge—something slow and painful. 
“I’ll count to five and then we stand up and turn around.” Anne’s lilting English voice quavered
“Is that enough?”
Dread unfurled her legs, leaning on her hands. “Just stand the frick up,” she snapped, scrambling to her feet.  
Sick to her stomach, pissed off and terrified, Kara stood up. When all five were upright, they turned.

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