Sunday, September 22, 2013

WIP - Sunday Teaser

Work in Progress - my latest entitled (for now) Breeder Prince, sequel to The Chalice

The planet was nothing but a barren wasteland and who knew what other perils else existed here.   If they kept him alive and he was anything like the other Chiagan-Se, he’d fight to the death to protect them. 
She reached for his water skin.  He struck out, knocking her hand away.
“What are you doing Deg’Nara?”
“Quit with the insults! I’m not a damned Deg’Nara and I’ll help you if you’ll let me.” With slow and careful movements, she resumed her efforts, touching and patting. He watched but did nothing to aid her. With a small crow of triumph, she pulled the bag from under his shoulder.  “Now we’re getting somewhere.”
“Ask if we can have a taste,” Moira implored. “I cannae hardly talk my throat’s sae dry.”
Leah leaned over the male, grasped him by the nape of his neck and then lifted his head. She dribbled several mouthfuls between his parched lips.  He gulped several times and then slaked his mouth with his tongue, emitting a sigh of relief.
“How was your arm injured?” She lightly touched the purple flesh of his hand.
He jerked as if stung. “Poisonous plant. I picked up a barb while I was watching the Deg’Nara.”
“Serves you right,” she muttered in English. Maybe she should find a few more and add to his misery.  Might make losing Sharon less painful.
“May we share your water?” Good manners never hurt, even in this situation, but if he refused, she’d give some to Moira anyway. They needed a drink.
One light eyebrow arched over a blazing blue eye. “Why would I share my water with Deg’Nara bastards?”
She could feel warmth rush to her face, even in the sweltering heat. His insults were really beginning to wear on her patience.  Suppressing the urge to strangle him, she exhaled, counting to ten before she spoke. “As I have said several times, we’re not Deg’Nara and I don’t appreciate your nasty comments.  Let’s get this straight. If you need us to help you and if you won’t share your water, we’ll just walk away.  It’s very simple.”
The full lips quirked. The blue eyes registered expanding clarity.  “How long do you think you’d survive without me?” The uninjured hand brushed back his sweat-soaked hair. “I’ll allow you a few sips, but that’s all I have until we reach my campsite.  Do you understand?”
“Of course,” she sputtered, annoyed and insulted.  “Do I look like an idiot?”
The brow arched again. “Since I don’t know what you’re supposed to look like…”

Carefully, making sure each drop hit its mark, she dribbled more water into his mouth, mostly to shut him up.

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