Saturday, January 3, 2015

Writing the Dream

Have you ever dreamed a dream so vivid and so complete that when you woke up, you felt it should be down on paper?  I am one of those people who have dreams that have a beginning, a middle and an end.  I once dreamed that I was a young German woman of Jewish descent who was married to a German soldier and had a blonde baby boy.  After my husband went to war and the atrocities against the Jews heated up, I left my baby with my sympathetic German lady landlord and left with 4 other Jews to escape through France.  We hid in hay fields during the day and traveled at night, eventually reaching the coast.  But I couldn't leave without my baby so I told the others goodbye and headed back.  When I made it home, I found that the area had been bombed and nothing remained but a survivor told me the old lady who lived there had left to live with her sister on a farm in the country taking her baby grandson with her.  I made it to the farm and found my baby.  The old German woman pleaded with me to leave the baby and escape again but I couldn't leave my baby.  I was on a train when it was stopped by the Gestapo and we were all forced off.  The last thing I remembered before I woke up was thinking "This is it, I am dead."

I also had a dream once where I was a young woman dying of a heart problem who finds two men she loves ... but I won't say more on this one because I might just write this story someday.

Have you ever dreamed a complete story?


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