P.L. Parker

P.L. Parker

Saturday, May 30, 2015

When Your Son Grows Up to be an Opera Singer???

Who would've have thought that my busy busy little boy (one in middle) who liked sports - tennis especially - would grow up to be an opera performer! I certainly wouldn't have imagined it 22 years ago, but this young man and his friend Jordan Bowman have put together a company, Opera Elect, which is truly amazing.  They are performing this summer in Nevada, Washington, Oregon and, of course, Idaho.  I just have to gave a few kudos to my son.  I never had his focus or his determination when I was that age.  He just graduated from a very exclusive college, summa cum laude, one of only 9 kids in the graduating class who did.  I know we aren't supposed to brag about our children, but this isn't bragging, it's giving praise where praise is deserved.  Stop by their website and read about all the things they are doing and have done.  His girlfriend, Edie, is helping produce the show "Tomorrow Tomorrow" which will be performed all over the Northwest!  Good job, my baby son!


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