Thursday, June 24, 2021

Double J's and Mama's Search for Bigfoot #bigfoot #paranormal #searchforbigfoot

Well, having an interest in Bigfoot and watching everything the TV has to offer on the subject, my son and I decided it was time to dip our feet into the Bigfoot pool.  We purchased trail cams, night vision goggles, night vision cameras, a speaker to blast out Bigfoot howls, and various other equipment we knew we needed to do this right (none of this, of course, I have any clue as to how to use).

So loaded with all this techy equipment, we embark on our very first Bigfoot search.  We had planned a camping trip to Stanley, Idaho, and with all the wilderness and rugged areas up around there, we felt it was a perfect place to begin our search.

First night out, we went in the dark.  Note to self: don't do that again. Was too scared to even get out of the pickup and was terrified for my son who was
wandering around in the dark knocking on trees and howling.  As my son's partner in crime, I wasn't handling the situation too well.

Second night out, went out a little earlier, found a really good spot and set up a trail cam.  Made some knocks and son howled some.  Amazingly enough, he got a knock back and something responded to his howls!  Talk about the luck of the beginner! (I hid in the truck!)

We collected the trail cam the next morning but haven't had time to really look through the 50 pictures the trail cam took.  Who knows?  We might have gotten something.

Anyway, we did what we wanted to do and are going to keep it going.  I have to admit, I'm not as adventurous as I'd like to be. The thought of being alone in the woods looking for a creature 3 times my size and then some has me somewhat nervous but I will never be too far from the truck just in case.

Wish us luck! 

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