Friday, January 3, 2020

So It is Now 2020!

If I forgot to tell you - Happy New Year and may 2020 be the best one ever.

I've started 2020 on the downside but I'm hopeful of great things this year.  Miracles do happen and I have a request in to the big guy for a small one - that the door opens to that dark room my hubby's mind is currently trapped in and he breaks free.  He did it with the first stroke so I'm praying he has the strength of will to find himself again.  Guy has had more than his share of issues to overcome but he is and always has been a strong person.

There have been many blessings this year. My little grandson was born in May and he had some issues at first, but he is going strong now.  Almost 8 months and such a happy and fun baby.

My youngest son, Zach, eloped with the girl of his dreams and they seem so perfect for each other.  I do love her!

Other than that, all I can wish for is happiness and health for my family and friends - and everyone! I'm grateful for every blessing I have and I don't want anything for myself.  I'm okay.

Hug your husband, partner, children, family members, friends, etc., for me and you!  And again, Happy New Year!

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Cara Bristol said...

Hope you have a Happy New Year. You deserve one!