Monday, May 10, 2021

What's Happening on May 21? REQUIEM's Release Day - That's What! #scifibooks #spaceopera #scifi

Never thought this day would get here but so close! Mark your calendars.  May 21 is the release date for REQUIEM on Amazon! Link for Kindle:

Print copies are already available!  Link:


Both excited and sad, Cam stared out the viewing screen, watching and waiting for the rebel techs’ arrival. She looked forward to being back with the team but leaving Joss—and Ashyr—filled her with melancholy and deep-seated loss. Joss was her best friend and Ashyr, well, Ashyr had carved out a place in her heart. Not that he knew he had, but she knew. Just thinking about leaving and possibly never seeing him again caused her heart to ache.

            Why do I care! She’d barely seen him since they arrived at the Mogishada fleet several cycles ago, mostly passing in the hall or catching brief sights of him across the way in the immense cafeteria. He was avoiding her and she couldn’t understand why.

            She leaned against the viewing pane, relishing the coolness against her forehead, the action centering her and easing somewhat the dismal direction of her thoughts.  

            I should be ecstatic! Not down and disheartened. Being back with the rebels where she belonged was a good thing. What she wanted. She’d keep busy, involved. Work up a good sweat and go to bed, too tired to dream about what might have been. Ashyr was a pirate and he had no real affiliations other than those loose connections with others of his kind. Mooning over him wasn’t doing her a damn bit of good.

            So why did it hurt so much?

“Ashyr’s looking for you.” Thrall’s husky voice startled her from her reverie.

            She leaned back, fingers rubbing the faint moisture from her brow. “Why?”

            He shrugged. “Didn’t say. Just said if I saw you to let you know he wanted to speak to you.”

            That familiar thrill of anticipation coursed through her veins. It also irritated her that the mere mention of his name set her female parts thrumming.

            “And I’m supposed to just jump when he snaps his fingers?” She spun on her heels, planning to escape.

            He caught her arm before she could move away. “He wants to talk to you about something. I don’t know what but maybe it’s important.”

            Important? What could be important now that the Mogishada had the kraebek? That was the only reason he was here! Against her better judgment, her innate curiosity kicked in. Didn’t hurt to at least find out what he wanted.

            “It’d better be important,” she muttered. “Where do I find him?”

            Thrall spoke into his wrist com. “I found her. She wants to know where you want to meet.”

            Ashyr’s voice clicked on. “I’ll meet her at her quarters.”

            Cam slanted a glance in Thrall’s direction. “Does he even know where my quarters are?”

            “I do,” Ashyr’s voice replied. “Meet me there in five.”

            Thrall’s fingers slid across the wrist com, ending the connection. His lips curved in a slight grin as he studied her stormy features. “Relax! It could be something good.”

            “Meet me there in five,” she snipped, mimicking Ashyr’s voice. “Like I’m holding my breath and just waiting for him to call.”

            In all actuality, she was, but no reason for him to know that. Wasn’t like she had anything better to do anyway.

            Thrall waved one hand as he strode away. “Do yourself a favor and be nice.”

            “I’m always nice,” she protested. “Most of the time anyway.”

            She caught his derisive snort as he rounded the corner.

            Jerk! She could be nice. Very nice if the situation warranted but Ashyr hadn’t been the easiest guy to get along with.

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